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12 Ideas for Your 11th Anniversary Gift

October 29, 2020 5 min read

Congratulations! You’re about to celebrate your 11th anniversary. Now, all you have to do, except for planning the perfect celebration of course, is find the perfect gift for her. But, what do you even buy your significant other for this kind of milestone? What are some of the traditional 11 year anniversary gifts? Plus, when you go romantic, you have to make sure you get everything just right. So here, we’ve put together all you need to know about 11th anniversary gifts. Through symbolism, ideas, and all the way to her ideal gift, we’ve got you completely covered.

Steel Her Heart - Classic 11th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

11 years together deserve a symbol that represents your strength, which is exactly why steel is one of the traditional materials for your 11 year anniversary gifts. It also shows that your bond can’t be easily broken (after all, you have 11 years of experience). In recent years, diamonds and jewelry have also become quite common 11th anniversary gifts. So, you’re sure to find something that speaks to her taste.

But hang on, don’t just go out there and buy any piece of jewelry you can lay your hands on. These things take thought, and the perfect gift doesn’t come by this easily. Luckily, by now you know everything you need about your wife’s hobbies, like and dislikes. And hey, if you get lost in the process (we know picking your 11th anniversary gift can be troubling), it’s always a good idea to ask someone close to her, like her sister or mom. Plus, now that you’ve got our extensive list - you can’t go wrong.

 Say I Love You With a Unique Necklace
On the top of our list of the 11 year anniversary gifts, is a combo between a solid metal and a gorgeous piece of jewelry. If you haven’t said it enough times, this necklace that says I love you in different languages, will say it for you - 120 times to be precise. 
The elegant necklace can come in a set with a pair of classic onyx earrings, and a mini magnifying glass so she won’t miss any of the 120 times you tell her you love her 


Fly Her to the Moon and Back
If 120 “I Love Yous” won’t do the trick, then we have another wonderful option on our 11 year anniversary gifts list. A breathtaking mandala pendant with the words “I love you to the moon and back” inscribed in gold. This 925 silver piece of jewelry is perfect as an 11th anniversary gift, because it delicately captures the essence of true love. And after all, that’s exactly what you’re looking for >>>
We know that getaways aren’t just reserved for this specific happy occasion, but you can’t have a perfect list of 11 year anniversary gifts without mentioning a luxury spa. It’s time to pack up those bags, get her a soft and fluffy robe, and let the pampering commence. This is one of those gifts that creates special and unforgettable moments!
Yes, flowers are not a standalone gift, but if you’re looking for that special bouquet to add to your 11 year anniversary gift, make it a bouquet that will last for a lifetime. Traditionally, roses are known to be the flower of love; a steel bouquet of roses is just what you need to make it loud and clear that your love is unbreakable. So essentially, it’s the epitome of all the things you’re trying to say with your special 11th anniversary gift.
If your wife is concerned about ecofriendliness, adores animals and is just looking for a good place to spread all that love, boy, do we have the perfect present for you. By adopting a neglected elephant, giraffe or rhino, you’ll not only be giving her the coolest 11 year anniversary gift, but you’ll also show her that you truly understand the things she cares about. Plus, you’ll be doing something to promote kindness in the world.
11 years are quite a substantial amount of time, and you must have stocked up on those happy moments you’ve shared. This unique photo collage number just had to make it to our 11 year anniversary gifts list, because it takes your cherished memories and transforms them into a unique collage. Of course, the collage will be shaped as the number 11 - making it all the more personalized.
Did you know that every anniversary also has its own flower type? Tulips are the traditional flowers for this anniversary. But, flowers alone won’t suffice, especially not when it comes to great 11 year anniversary gifts. Which is why we’d like to suggest this stunning design Toscano Victorian hanging tulip stained glass lamp. Now, what makes this really exceptional, is that it combines metal (bronze) and tulips, both of which are 11th anniversary symbols. 
Some gifts are just timeless classics, and all you need to do is personalize them in order to give that extra touch. An engraved women’s watch, with a photo or quote, ticks all the boxes. It’s one of those ideas on our 11 year anniversary gifts list that help you express the way you feel straight from the heart. A timeless present directly from your old ticker.
If it’s personalized gifts that you’re looking for, wait till you see this next suggestion on our 11th anniversary gifts list - a personalized barrel card box. On this barrel you can engrave your names, your wedding anniversary, and actually, any message you’d like to keep near and dear to her heart. When in doubt, always go for wine!
Since steel is the official symbol of the 11th anniversary, no list could be complete without it. Sure, you can go ahead and buy a steel bowl, or even a steel jewel box. But why not go for the dazzling and unusual choice? If you’re up for an artsy idea, this custom steel family tree is what you’re looking for.
We are celebrating your 11th anniversary, so you have indeed put a ring on it. But what kind of an 11th wedding anniversary gifts list doesn’t include at least one trendy ring? This stainless steel square-shaped ring combines an elegant tourmaline gem with an out of the ordinary design.
We know all about picking the ideal 11th anniversary gift, and especially how hard it can be. But hopefully, with this list, you’ll be able to find the perfect present in no time. And speaking of time, don’t leave this for the last moment. Make sure you shop your 11th anniversary gift beforehand - because she’ll know if you won’t.