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A long-lasting relationship is a matter of choice. It doesn’t matter if it’s with your life partner, your kids, your parents, or even your best friends. 

You may have heard some people talk about “the complexity of the routine” and the difficulty of long-term relationships, but in fact, only our choices matter. And if you choose to show warmth, generosity, love and compassion to your loved ones, this is exactly what will happen to your relationship.

We founded NanoStyle innovative jewelry based on the idea that giving meaningful gifts to our loved ones strengthens the neuronal connections related to love, passion and appreciation, both of the giver and the receiver. Furthermore, each time you walk this path of positive feelings with your loved ones, those feelings will be available to you more easily, thus attracting more positivity to your life.

We want to make a change in this world, by helping people experience good, warm and accepting long-term relationships with everyone around them. Yes, this is more than possible. In fact, it’s just a matter of choice. 

We invite you to find a piece of jewelry you know your loved ones will cherish, that will trigger the excitement we all long for.

A technological revolution adapted to fine jewelry. Sharing messages of love since 2009, NanoStyle is an independently owned online jewelry store with a passion to deliver the perfect gift to highlight your story. 

All our pure gold inscribed jewelry arrives with a mini loupe to reveal the tiny text. Packaged in an elegant jewelry gift box, a polishing cloth, and a certificate of authenticity card.

Featured Collections:

NanoStyle Jewelry– From ‘I Love You’ inscribed in 120 different languages to entire bible chapters, all on the surface of our small stones, a magnifying glass accompanies your unique purchase to truly admire the miniature inscriptions.

Picturesque Handmade Jewelry – Beautiful butterflies, sacred hamsa’s and colorful cufflinks are just a small taste of the wonderful handmade creations by Adina Plastelina. If vibrant colors are your thing, look no further and choose from the wide selection of unique handmade jewelry on offer.

“One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.” - Oscar Wilde

NanoStyle Office Address:
325 W Washington St, Suite 2
San Diego, CA 92103-1946
United States



 NanoStyle Jewelry Craftsmanship