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I Love You Necklace in 120 Languages 24k Gold Inscribed on Round Onyx

Women love it

Wife loved it. Great conversation piece. Great score to get you out of the dog house!

My wife loves it.

My wife loves it. I am happy with this purchase

Very attractive design

Very attractive and nicely designed. Probably overpriced compared to the online competition, but visibly superior to it.

Most Beautiful

Thank You so very much! This pendant is Beautiful.. I love it for my grandson son. We will treasure it as his 1st piece of precious jewelry. And the Shema will be with him to guide him through his lifes journey.

Great gift

Wife loves it and I see her wearing it often

The necklace needs to be set in a full back setting instead of prongs.

I bought this necklace for my wife for our wedding anniversary.. The four prong back wasn't expected but the necklace is still beautiful and she loves it!

Exquisite item,.

I Love this item,..I usually don't buy jewelry,.but this one is special..

It was great

It was really an amazing product for the person I Bought was my wife I asked her and she loved it I She marked five stars I asked her how many stars with you gave her this product she told me I’ll give it five I recommend

Very nice

This necklace is very nice, comes with a magnifying glass and a blow up image of the pendant. It's very well made and I have a happy wife!

anniversary gift

Item arrived quickly and my wife loved it.


Beautiful stone,necklace is a litttle small but pretty gold

Wonderfull technology.

Birthday / Christmas present. Girlfriend loves it.

They send with a little magnifying glass to see the holy inscription

Stunning piece of jewelry .Made with such care and elegance .Loved it so much got one for my sister from the artists website.Highly recommend!

My husband couldn't decide and bought me red and blue!

Pros: They are pretty and stand out with my outfits. I get lots of complements. I love how they shine and glitter. My husband couldn't decide and bought me red and blue! The writing is awesome! I really loved it! I do plan to wear them any chance I get. Cons: It's overpriced. I wouldn't pay more than $60 for one necklace like this. The stone isn't even real and you can tell it's costume jewelry. It's lightweight, see-through, and doesn't even feel like a gemstone. It feels like fancy plastic. Not a cubic Zirconia gemstone. It feels like a gift from Claire’s at the mall. And I love stuff from there! But there is a high price tag On this product so I must complain. When I tell people $140 was spent, they about flip. But sometimes you have to pay to get the cool factor! :) I also wish the chain was a little longer. It seems shorter than 18'. Even still, I love it! It's still beautiful. Pretty fake gem and gorgeous gold necklace! And the writing in gold is beyond cool! I love the little tiny writing and 12 languages that say, I love you. This is a very unique present.

It's Simple But Beautiful !!!

It's Simple But Beautiful and it arrived right on time!!! Thank you, !!!

Great gift

I bought this for my wife for our 20th Anniversary. She loves it.