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Beautiful ??

I am so happy I bought this necklace. It is so beautiful and different. I got the larger size, I was unsure if it would be too big at first, but it is perfect. It stands out but is simple enough not to be too much. The chain length is also very flattering. I have been wearing it nonstop since I received it. ??

Very unique as jewelry goes

My wife loved it. It was our 30th anniversary. Very very different and goes perfectly with the frequently black outfits she wears. I like it too - as it is so different and really sparkles.

Love in every language

The perfect gift for your significant other. Perfect in every way and good value for what you pay.

Love the energy and the look !

I asked for something for protection and guidance for my birthday and my husband did not searching and as recommended to get this. I love the look and the energy of this stone! I put it on a chain that I always wear and it fit perfectly. The magnifying glass is nice to see the etching on the crystal. I am very pleased with this.

Best gift I ever bought for someone I loved....

The person I bought it for she loved it and said it was amazing and beautiful...

Beautiful Necklace

Exactly as advertised. The magnifying glass provided with the necklace is a little bit difficult to use, but the necklace itself is great.

Hello Peter,

We can't thank you enough for your kind words about our necklace. Your review means a lot to us. May the necklace radiate the love we want to share to everyone! Feel free to reach out should any concern arise, we'll be more than happy to assist you. ~NanoStyle

Great quality, great way to say I love you

Got this for my gf now wife she loves this necklace, she puts it on all the time, this is a must buy for your partner and you can really see all the languages and her native language is it it along with every other one.

Nice !

The necklace was extremely nice & came with a cloth to clean !

Hi Donneal,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. We are very pleased to know that you appreciate the necklace. May it bring you much joy. Please do reach out if any concern arises, we'll be here to help. Be safe! ~NanoStyle

Great as a gift

My daughters live them

A very unique gift

My partner loves it. It is a very unique gift, not something anyone would come across everyday in a traditional jewellery store.

Hello David!

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, your kind words are truly appreciated. May your partner continue to love it for a long time. Feel free to reach out for any concerns, we'll be happy to help. Stay safe! ~ NanoStyle

This necklace is "tiny" but my wife loved it. Go figure!

When I received it I was surprised it was so small. The magnifying glass is a cute gesture but will never be used. I gave it to my wife for Valentines day and she loved it....whaaat? She wore it the next day and it looked really nice on her. All good!!

Great Anniversary Gift

It is a very nice necklace and my wife loved it. The only draw back for me is that I felt it was a little overpriced but that may be because I�m getting old and I�m a guy.

Wife loves this.

Wife loves this. A happy Valentine's Day...

Great Way to Say I Love You

My wife loves this necklace and hasn't taken it off since Christmas. She's still trying to find the "Braille" ??? Yes this is a very unique gift for someone you love.

Wife loves it

Good workmanship and looks great. Recommend.

Things to Consider

Cat Necklace is pretty much as advertised. The item could be improved by increasing the size of the pendent and chain. Those factors should be considered by a buyer.

Very pretty

...and she loves it

Was very nice, my niece loved it!

It was a gift