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Outstanding! 11 out of 10! ;-)

That was one of those rare cases when the actual item looks better than in pictures. ;-)
Well done people!
I bought it for my niece and I’m pretty sure she will be amazed too!

Happy wife

Fine workmanship, unbelievable attention to detail, matching silver chain adds to the entire piece
Very satisfied. Will definitely order from Nanostyle again!
Nice work Nanostyle Jewelry.

I Love You to the Moon and Back Necklace Wolf Pendant 24k Gold Inscribed on Onyx

I love it!

It's really cute and I get a lot of compliments for it. Delivery was very quick!

Sleepy Cat

Just what I wanted! Well made and beautiful. I have another piece from this company that I bought years ago and love; I am happy they made my little black cat.

A unique medallion

I bought the jewelry for my daughter and she thought it was really nice and interesting with all the different languages, thank you.

Pretty and little

The necklace is nice. It's very small. Good thing they included a magnifying glass to read the inscription.

The Best!

My Granddaughter has a black kitty named Salem.I saw this and thought it would be perfect. But, I wondered about the price. Took a chance and it is the perfect present. It is so well made and she absolutely loves it!!

Beautiful Necklace

This necklace will work with either a woman or man - it is beautiful. The silver is very shiny and should stay that way.The Shema is tiny even with the magnifier so, hopefully, you already know how to say it. It is nice to have it on the Star of David, but not very usable. It is also in Hebrew.The chain is not long but it can always be replaced if you need something longer.

Great Gift for Anniversary

Very nice unique quality gift.

A beautiful and Simple Symbol of Devotion…

The media could not be loaded.  A beautiful and unique symbol of devotion. There is a Hebrew prayer inscribed in 24k gold. The star is silver and finely made and polished. The chain seems durable and strong. A truly unique expression of faith and devotion.Trust you found this review honest and helpful:-)

I love it.

I love this necklace. Chain is a little short but it works. I like that it comes with a magnify glass so you can see the script.

Just beautiful!

I am very impressed with this pendant. It is beautifully made of silver, but the best part is the "Shema Yisroel" prayer inscribed in tiny gold letters onto the onyx stone inside the pendant. There is no way to read it with a naked eye, so Nano Jewelry included a magnifying glass with the pendant. With the help of the loupe, the text is clear and readable. It's simply amazing, and I absolutely love it.

A Special Way to Say, “I Love You”…

The media could not be loaded.  So unique and beautiful. A gift that is memorable for many occasions. The 24k gold lettering is precise and clear. The magnification just enlarges the beauty. This is the silver overlaid with gold and the overlaid 18 inch chain too. The gold plating is top notch! There is plenty of room for a thicker chain if desired, but I found this to be sufficient. Very pleased with the quality and packaging.Trust you found this review honest and helpful:-)

People who complain about the size of text cant read

Everyone who is writing a negative review about the words being too small clearly overlooked the image that uses a MAGNIFYING GLASS to see the print. Not readable by naked eye, seller never said it was though. Beautiful necklace.

Very Pleased

The order was great and came in the nick of time, I will definitely purchase more products from this company.

Beautiful color

Beautiful necklace fast delivery

Necklace ( chain) is small, more like a young teenager size.

Charm itself is nice, bit the necklace is not anywhere near a adult woman's size

It’s Absolutely Beautiful and worth the money.

I bought this gift for my wife for our 13 th wedding anniversary. She absolutely adores it. It’s well worth the money spent for yrs of enjoyment and memories.

Great Choice for Us!!

My wife loved the colors...very happy!!

Exactly what I wanted

The necklace was exactly what I was looking for since my wife of 26 years loves her humming birds. Ordering and delivery was spot on.

Hello Vincent,

Thank you for your kind words. Your thoughts mean a lot to us. May your lovely wife continue to cherish it for a long time! Feel free to reach out should any concern arise, we'll be more than happy to assist you. ~NanoStyle

As advertised and shipped promptly.

Attractively packaged and a nice piece of jewelry.