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Jewelry by Face Shape

September 22, 2021 5 min read

Ever wondered why people compliment you more when you wear a specific pair of earrings? Or why a necklace that looks so good on the shelf, does nothing to lift your look? The famous adage that jewelry always fits may be true but what’s also true is that not all jewelry flatters the wearer. You need to take into account several factors when selecting the right jewelry for yourself. Your skin tone, your hair style, your facial features – all of them play an important role here.

Do you know your face shape? Are you aware of the kinds of jewelry that best suit your face shape? Let us look at the various face shapes and the kinds of jewelry that complement each type.

Determining your Face Shape

The easiest way to determine your face shape is to pull back all the hair and expose the full face. Make sure you remove all jewelry. Now observe the contours and angles carefully. What shape does it seem like to you? Now using a measuring tape, check the proportions of your face. Take into account the length and breadth of your face, the width of your forehead and the shape of your jawline.

Based on your observations, you should be able to categorize your face into one of the four main types: oval, round, square and heart. Once you are able to identify your face shape, you can begin choosing your favorite accessories. If you feel that your face shape is a combination of two types, you can use our tips from both the shapes to help select the best kinds of jewelry for you. The right jewelry will flatter your natural features.


An oval shaped face is widest at the eye level and softly tapers down without any sharp angles. It is longer than it is wide and is characterized by a curved chin. It is widely believed that an oval shape is one of the best face shapes as almost all kinds of jewelry suit a person with an oval face.

If you have an oval face, you need to select jewelry that balances out the face length. Earrings that further elongate the face are best avoided. You should focus on jewelry that frames your face and creates flattering angles.

Earrings: Most kinds of earrings flatter an oval shaped face. Studs and short earrings work very well. If you like danglers, opt for a pair with flowing borders like the Seahorse Dangle Earrings. Medium to long earrings with rounded edges will help balance out the contours and frame your face beautifully. If you like studs, try these dramatic gold plated shell earrings.

Necklaces: Short necklaces are ideal if you have an oval face. Opt for chokers and collar pieces. Longer necklaces tend to add length to the visage so they are best avoided as you already have naturally good length. This large Olive Leaf necklace frames the face and emphasizes the jawline. The round shape of the necklace further highlights the jawline of an oval face shape.


A round face is characterized by almost equal proportions with the nose being the central point. Your face will be as long as it is wide, with curved lines and a rounded jawline. Usually, round face shapes are small with a rounded hairline to match. Soft facial features are the highlight. To make sure that you have a rounded face, simply trace your finger around the face to see if it makes a circle. 

For round face shapes, the ideal kind of jewelry is that which adds some length to the face. You need to choose pieces that will help elongate your face. Vertical styles work best. 

Earrings: When stepping out, opt for dangling earrings. If you have a small round face, just make sure that the danglers are not too long or they may look disproportionate. Slim threads, narrow chandeliers and drop earrings are most ideal. This silver Olive Leaf jewelry set has it all – danglers to softly add length to your face and a matched necklace whose vertical pendant further works to balance the roundness. 

Necklaces: When selecting neckpieces for round faces, opt for long pendants or necklaces with larger v-shaped focal points.  You should avoid chokers and shorter pieces that make the neck look small and wide. This Peacock feather pendant and chain set creates an illusion of a longer neckline complementing your round face. If star signs signs are your thing, our Zodiac collection has mesmerizing options to choose from.


A square face is characterized by a strong jawline. The width of the face at the forehead level and at the chin level are almost the same. The length and width of a square face are also similar. If you face matches this description, then you most certainly have a square face. Let us look at what kinds of jewelry best suit square face shapes.

Earrings: A square face has a lot of angles so jewelry that softens the angles is what you need. Look for earrings that can create an illusion of roundness. Oval hoops, long earrings and cluster studs work best. These colorful butterfly danglers must just be what you need. Their rounded borders will charmingly soften the angles of your square face.

Necklaces: You should ideally look at necklaces that are round and long. The pendants should have swirls or rounded designs to balance out the strong angles of the square face. This Hamsa pendant with its long chain and swirl detailing is a perfect complement to an angular square face.


A heart shaped face is distinct at its hairline itself. The hairline is a visible V shape with the tip of the V pointing to the nose. The face will have a wide forehead and a comparatively narrower and defined chin. Heart shaped faces are usually longer. 

You need to be careful in selecting jewelry if you are blessed with a heart-shaped face. Jewelry that creates an illusion of narrowing the forehead area and broadening the jawline work best. 

Earrings: If you are shopping for earrings to complement your heart shaped face, you need to at dangle earrings that are wider at the base to draw out the jawline. The earrings of this stunning heart jewelry set would definitely do the trick.

Necklaces: You need short necklaces that site close to your throat and reduces the sharp dip of the chin. This impressive silver bird necklace will balance out the heart shape with its broad setting.

Each face shape has its own characteristics and so select jewelry that perfectly frame your face and highlight your features best. But remember, at the end of the day, your jewelry is an expression of your personal style, so flaunt what makes you feel special!