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What Dragonfly Necklaces Say About You

February 15, 2022 5 min read

If you own a dragonfly necklace, it means you’re self-aware and can embrace change because of the necklace’s transformative power.

You attract people with your wisdom, insights, and empathy, but are very intentional about with whom and where you spend your time.

With that in mind, imagine that moment a loved one presents to you a carefully wrapped jewelry box containing a beautiful dragonfly necklace.

“What is it?” you ask delightfully.

“Open it and have a look,” they respond.

“This is the most beautiful and thoughtful gift,” you say with tears in your eyes.

“I thought of you when I saw it and knew I had to get it for you,” they respond as they carefully tie the necklace around your neck.

The Dragonfly Necklace Pendant is a beautiful hand-crafted piece of jewelry that carries the message of love without the need for words. The 4 specific areas the necklace touches upon are:

  • Personality
  • Interests
  • Approach to life
  • Fashion sense

The Secret Meaning Behind Owning a Dragonfly Necklace (And How They’re Made)

The secret to owning a dragonfly necklace is simply that they allow you to live in the moment and explore your full potential.

Just as the dragonfly leaves nothing to be desired, neither does the person wearing this piece. Like all those around them, people who own a dragonfly necklace strive to live to their full potential with each passing moment.

This necklace is a unique hand-made piece of jewelry, meticulously crafted to represent the dragonfly and all that it embodies.

Dragonfly Necklace by NanoStyleDragonfly Necklace by NanoStyle

The dragonfly pendant is made using polymer clay draped in sterling silver and measures at 1.8 x 2.2 inches. The necklace owes its beauty when worn to the high-quality Italian-made 925 silver chain.

This piece of jewelry carries sentimental value and is even coated in enamel which allows for lifetime wear.

The necklace can be worn by women of all ages and often serves as a reflection of their personality, interests, approach to life, and—depending on the color choice—sense of style.

The dragonfly necklace is a beautiful gift that serves to remind you of who you are. It represents a period of change or shows courage, strength, and happiness. You can buy this gift for yourself or a loved one during:

  • A birthday
  • A transitional point in life
  • Valentines day

4 Jaw-Dropping Personality Traits The Dragonfly Necklace Says About You

Your Personality

If you own a dragonfly necklace, then chances are you’re an introvert. You can competently socialize and even find it exciting but you’re more inclined towards solitude and doing activities you enjoy—like reading, writing or meditating.

Your emotional and mental maturity are higher than your peers and you can understand yourself on a deeper level. You are aware of where you are, what you're doing, and what you want. This strength not only makes you thrive in your career but also your relationships (both romantic and platonic).

So, if you own a dragonfly necklace, your romantic relationships will thrive partly because you are very intentional with who you choose to share yourself with but also because of your ability to know, understand, and act on the different love laws that govern you and your partner.

A couple holding handsA couple holding hands

Your friends enjoy spending time with you because of the wisdom and motivation they draw from you.

Though you are selective of with whom and where you spend time you are able to bloom wherever you are planted.

photos-nippet-dragonfly-necklacesYou are aware of where you are

Your Approach to Life

Owning a dragonfly necklace, you can see beyond surface presentations and understand life for what it is.

“Nothing ever stays the same” is the motto you are determined to live by. You consistently stimulate your mind with new and useful information, and are in a constant state of unlearning, learning, and re-learning.

Every day is a chance to evolve and move closer to the person you truly are. You bravely face each day with determination to break down your self-imposed barriers and realize your true potential.

Drawing on your mental and emotional maturity, you are able to maintain a focus on the good even in the most challenging of circumstances. Your deeper understanding of life makes you believe that everything happens for a reason and helps you seek and serve your greater good.

Your Interests

As the dragonfly symbolizes new beginnings and change, you find yourself leaning towards activities that stimulate and stretch you out of your comfort zone.

Of utmost importance to you are activities and good habits that encourage a positive mindset and self-discovery.

Here’s a list of activities that will likely interest you:

  • Reading
  • Mountain climbing/hiking
  • Meditation — this could be through daily yoga, journaling, or prayer
  • Learning new recipes
  • Playing chess
  • Exercising
  • Gardening
  • Volunteering
  • Writing
  • Painting
  • Learning a new instrument
  • Solving puzzles

Your Fashion Sense

You are a minimalist. This can be attributed to your ability and need to see past the surface. This isn’t to say that you have no sense of style where you buy lots of matching clothes, but that you know how to make the most with what you have and match different pieces together to create a personalized look.

Colors: You like to keep it simple and opt for more neutral colors which you can accessorize as you like. You feel connected to nature and lean more towards a color palette of brown and green.

Accessories: Here is where you stand out. Because you know who you are, you are not afraid to express yourself through bold statement pieces that represent your personality. The Dragonfly Necklace Pendant is one such piece that would never lack in your collection.

3 Benefits of Owning A Dragonfly Necklace

The table below shows the 3 main benefits of owning the Dragonfly Necklace.



Enamel Coating Ensures the necklace lasts for a lifetime making it perfect for everyday wear
Available in different colors The color of your dragonfly necklace will instantly accentuate your outfit making you stand out from the crowd
Symbolism A constant reminder of your emotional and mental maturity which may give you a boost of confidence

Get Yourself a Dragonfly Necklace Today

You can never go wrong gifting yourself or a loved one the Dragonfly Necklace. This sentimental gift is your way of affirming strength, wisdom, and joyous character. Treat yourself or a loved one to this one of a kind piece of jewelry from our store.


Let this meticulously crafted dragonfly necklace do the talking for you. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions, or just any regular day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the spiritual meaning of a dragonfly?

The dragonfly necklace carries the spiritual meaning of patience. Spending most of its life in the larva stage, the nymph waits patiently until it is mature enough to move onto the next stage.

Similarly, human beings go through periods in life where deep patience is required. It is in these times when nothing seems to be happening that we are learning all that we need to succeed in the next stage of our lives.

What do dragonflies symbolize?

Dragonflies symbolize change or a period of transformation. They act as a reminder to forget the past and live in the moment.

What does it mean to wear a dragonfly necklace?

Wearing a dragonfly necklace serves as a reminder of your power to take a look inside and understand yourself. It means you have the strength to make the changes needed to make your dreams come true.

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