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Pisces Necklace: Roses, Chocolates, or Something Special?

February 22, 2022 6 min read

Chocolates and flowers are the most convenient gift items you can come across. They save the day when you don’t know what your loved one likes or don’t have much time to pick out a gift.

But when time is not a factor, you can take some time to determine exactly what your beloved likes. This allows you to pick out a more thoughtful gift that your loved one will treasure forever.

An easy way to determine what people like is to go by their star sign. 

For example, Pisces love artsy, complex, creative, and imaginative gifts—and a Pisces Necklace checks all of these boxes.

Pisces Necklace for the Win

Pisces: charming, creative, and unique
Source: nanostylejewelry Instagram page

One of the best characteristics of a Pisces is their receptiveness to new ideas. 

Pisces are mysterious and open-minded. So, a personal and exclusive gift like the Pisces necklace will create a bigger and better impression than a regular box of chocolates.

Such a thoughtful gift will make them feel seen and understood. It will also let them know that you are thinking about them in a special way.

Here are a few more reasons why they’ll love and appreciate the Pisces necklace better than any other Valentine’s Day gift they’ve ever received.

It’s a Visual Piece of Art

Pisces signs are all about the musical, dramatic, and visual arts.

Their creativity is on another level, so the gift you give them needs to keep up with that energy.

They also have vivid imaginations. The more inventive you are with your gift, the more they will appreciate your gesture.

If you can’t make the gift yourself, buy them a unique oval onyx Pisces necklace. You can never go wrong with this unique gift as it will appeal to your loved one’s artistic personality thanks to its detailing, which includes:

  • The full zodiac wheel
  • Pisces symbol
  • Constellations in the stars
  • Personality charactersistics

This gift shows effort, forethought, and flair for gift-giving.

It’s Intentional

Pisces spend a lot of time trying to understand and take care of other people. However, they often feel that others don't take the time to understand them in return.

There is only one question to ask before buying a gift for a Pisces: how can you reflect their personality in the gift you’re giving?

Pisces love to be showered with affection, and they are not materialistic in the slightest.

For them, the best gifts are intentional and meaningful. A Pisces will appreciate a handcrafted Tree of Life Necklace more than a last-minute bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s Day.

You need to show that you are thinking about them when you buy them a gift. Pisceans are drawn to:

  • The mystical, spiritual, and even occult side of life
  • Artsy and unique things
  • Deeply romantic gestures

Pisces are an emotional sign with an introspective side, and they often have their heads in the clouds.

Giving a Pisces a necklace of their zodiac sign will make them feel understood.

Pisces a necklace

It’s Versatile

Pisces have an uncanny ability to fit in.

For them, the world's a stage and they are here to put on a show. At the same time, they love authenticity.

Pisces can move from one fashion trend to the next with ease, making it hard to know the type of jewelry they will like.

NanoStyle Pisces necklaces are timeless and will suit all seasons, outfits, and occasions because:

  • You can choose from a variety of colors and styles
  • You can pair them with other necklaces to create a layered look
  • They look great paired with other accessories like chains and rings

Get the Right Pisces Necklace

crystal pendant with the Pisces star sign and fish symbol set in silver
925 Sterling Silver Pisces Necklace Zodiac Pendant 24k Gold Inscribed on Crystal

So, now that you have decided to buy a special gift for the Pisces in your life, it’s time to iron out the details.


Each zodiac sign has a lucky color, and for Pisces, it’s aquamarine.

Yet Pisces can also like other colors, so ask that special someone what their favorite color is before purchasing their necklace.

If you can, look at some of their outfits and jewelry to see what colors they prefer.

But remember, most Pisces are at home with watery colors and ocean surroundings, so it isn’t too great a risk to buy a Pisces necklace with:

  • Hints of aqua-blue to match their sensitivity
  • Different shades of blue to inspire their creativity
  • Colors of intuition like purple and indigo
  • Teal colors of tranquility
  • Light or translucent greens that suggest gentleness
  • Graceful and mysterious silver colors

A great example of this is our Sterling Silver Pisces Necklace.

aqua-blue pendant with the Pisces star sign and fish symbol set in sterling silver
925 Sterling Silver Pisces Necklace Zodiac Pendant 24k Gold Inscribed on Crystal

Metals and Stones

The Pisces birthstone is aquamarine; a gemstone that symbolizes clarity and healing.

Other stones that suit Pisces signs are:

  • Amethyst: provides spiritual protection and inner peace
  • Black onyx: promotes transformation and balance

The best metal for Pisces necklaces is silver because it represents innovation and elegance.

Besides, necklaces made from high-quality materials like gold and silver are:

  • Long-lasting and will allow your loved one to wear the jewelry for years
  • A sign that you care enough to get authentic jewelry
  • Timeless and will never go out of style
  • Unique and therefore make memorable gifts

A great example is our Pisces onyx pendant. This elegant necklace is available in different materials including the sterling silver, gold-plated silver, yellow gold, and white gold.

black onyx pendant with the Pisces star sign and fish symbol set in silver
Pisces Necklace Zodiac Pendant 24k Gold Inscribed on Onyx Stone


Pisces are water signs, so choose a necklace with fluid and artistic strokes.

You can choose a necklace with the traditional Pisces horoscope of two swimming fish, or you can put your own spin on it by choosing:

  • A Pisces constellation necklace
  • A Pisces necklace inspired by nature because they love plants
  • Necklaces with lively, fun patterns

Our Pisces heart pendant has a sleek design that will show your beloved how much you care. The design of this necklace inspires romance, and the gift box comes with a mini magnifying glass so they can admire every inch of its beauty.

gold-plated Pisces heart pendant
Gold Plated Silver Pisces Necklace Zodiac Heart Pendant 24k Gold Inscribed on Crystal

Special Ways to Deliver a Pisces Necklace

The gift you get is important, but so is the delivery.

If you are just going to hand a gift to a Pisces, at least prepare a few meaningful words like, “I appreciate you” or “I love you.”

You can make the gift-giving process an unforgettable experience by setting up:

A Scavenger Hunt

Pisces like mystery. Create some fun clues and let them figure out where their gift is hidden on their own.

A scavenger hunt is fun, and it makes the gift at the end more rewarding. Make sure you take time to plan and set it up the right way:

  • Pick a location inside or outside the house and involve friends, neighbors, and baristas to make the experience even more worthwhile
  • Account for contingencies like weather changes, dogs, and thieves if you’re going to hide the necklace outside of the house
  • Use different clue types like puzzle pieces, handwritten maps, scrambled words, riddles, and drawings to guide them to their gift
  • Add in some random rewards like a piece of chocolate, a funny note, a cute teddy bear, or a single rose to motivate your Piscean to keep digging for their ultimate gift

An Accompanying Love Letter

Pisces is a romantic sign.

Accompany their gift of a necklace with a handwritten love poem, or their favorite flowers.

When writing a love letter to a Pisces, be prepared to go all the way:

  • Get vulnerable and lean into your emotions; Pisceans love honesty
  • Tell them all the reasons why you love them
  • Talk about the future if it’s appropriate
  • Create a love letter jar with little love notes they can read everyday

A Creative Delivery

Everyone likes surprises.

You can make the gift unforgettable by incorporating a creative delivery. Here are a few creative ways you can present the Pisces necklace: 

  • Hide it inside another gift
  • Leave it lying in plain sight and wait
  • Send it in the mail together with a love letter

Shop With Intention at NanoStyle

happiness comes from a box of jewelry
Source: nanostylejewelry Instagram page

Gifts are a chance to show how much you care for someone.

Why stick by the status-quo: roses and chocolates, when you can step it up with something more special?

Pisces signs love to be adorned with unique and creative gifts, and nothing spells this more than a unique Pisces necklace.

If you have to buy the roses and chocolates, make them an add-on, not the main gift. Or, hide the Pisces necklace inside the box of chocolates and let them find it as a surprise.

At NanoStyle, we make it our mission to match you with the best gifts for your loved ones.

Don’t pass up a chance to make your partner or best friend feel special with a Pisces necklace.

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