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6 Ways the I Love You Necklace Shows You Care

March 01, 2022 6 min read

Three little words can make a precious necklace even more precious to your loved one—I love you.

These words on a necklace are eternal, and will forever remind them of how you feel.

The words mean even more when they are inscribed in gold on an elegant black onyx or cubic zirconia pendant.

The ultimate charm of gifting someone you care about the I Love You necklace lies in its timelessness. This timelessness is enhanced by the sterling silver or gold filled chain that comes with the luxurious stone pendants.

The delicate allure of having the words 'I Love You' intricately inscribed on a precious stone in 12 or 120 languages is an unforgettable way of declaring your love and showing how much you care.

Whether you choose an onyx I love you in 120 languages necklace, or an I love you to the moon and back pendant necklace, these gifts are a unique way of showing how much you care.

1 - It’s Meaningful and Unique

I love you in 120 languages pendant with heartbeat symbolI love you in 120 languages pendant with heartbeat symbol

How do you make a necklace stand out? Turn it into an I love you necklace.

Going the extra mile shows that you appreciate that special someone enough to give them a unique gift. It shows you took your time, did your research, and spent a few extra dollars to get the right necklace.

Every time they wear it, it will put a smile on their face when they remember the moment you gifted it to them.

Anyone can buy a good gift. A great gift like an I love you necklace is thoughtful and shows you care because:

  • It symbolizes the bond between you and your partner
  • It says the exact words that your partner loves hearing the most
  • The message it sends will last forever

A gift means whatever you and your beloved want it to mean. This makes an I love you necklace perfect whether you just started dating, or have been together for years. It can be:

  • A token of your love and appreciation
  • A symbol of your long-lasting partnership
  • A reminder of a special occasion, place, or event
  • A promise of your commitment

I love you jewelry represents a permanent way of showing you care for them. 


2 - It Tells the Story of Your Love

model in a silver purple heart set
Model in a silver purple heart set

Sometimes, the perfect gift is not about what you give, but how you give it.

It’s your anniversary or her birthday, and you are under the moonlight when you give her the unwrapped box.

She opens it with a smile and finds an I love you to the moon and back pendant necklace inside. Her night is made, forever.

This is a story you can tell your parents, children, and grandchildren.

An I love you necklace is eternal, and made better when you back it up with a great gifting story.

You can also give it to her on a regular Wednesday, just because you love her, or make it the highlight of Valentine’s Day.

Here is a table with more ideas on how to gift an I love you necklace:

The Gift Setting

The Gift Delivery

A gift inside another gift Wrap the necklace around a stuffed animal, or put it in a box of chocolates and give it to her as a surprise
Hide it in plain sight Set the necklace between the pages of a book she is reading
Serve it as a course Present the necklace as part of a meal during a romantic night out, perhaps wrapped in a box and under a covered dish
Scavenger hunt Get creative with romantic cues that will lead her down memory lane before she finds her perfect gift

The message in the necklace already says it all. All you need to do is create a moment that you can always go back to.

An I love you necklace is the perfect gift to transform any day into a special, eternal moment that shows how much you care.

3 - It’s the Greatest Romantic Gesture

model in NanoStyle’s silver heart red set
Model in NanoStyle’s silver heart red set

Elizabeth Taylor received a diamond choker with a diamond heart-shaped pendant as an ‘I am sorry’ gift from Richard Burton.

Queen Elizabeth II received countless jewelry pieces as gifts from her late husband, including her diamond engagement ring and her double-strand pearl necklace.

For centuries, jewelry has been a symbol of status and love. Kings and queens were adorned in beautiful gold pieces and even buried with them.

So, don’t just get any I love you necklace.

Pick one with precious metals, hard stones, and the perfect design. The little details matter, including where you buy the necklace from. Choose a: 

  • Durable and quality I love you necklace made to last
  • Timeless piece that will live beyond trends
  • Necklace with precious metals like gold and silver

Never underestimate the power of jewelry. From the wedding ring to the graduation watch, these gifts mark all special occasions in our lives.

An I love you necklace is a clear symbol that will lie against the chest of the person you love, reminding them how much you care every time they wear it.

4 - It Keeps You Connected to Your Significant Other

long-distance relationship embroideryLong-distance relationship embroidery

It’s hard to stay connected in long-distance relationships. FaceTime might not be enough to make your loved one feel special.

So, how do you show them that you can’t wait to see them again?

Get them an I love you necklace.

It will serve as a reminder of your commitment and strengthen your bond, even when your partner is miles away.

This necklace will make them feel appreciated, and is an evergreen act that will remain in their minds until you see each other again.

You can give them an I love you necklace as a way to:

  • Celebrate special occasions
  • Thank them for being there for you
  • Congratulate them on achieving a milestone
  • Tell them ‘I am thinking of you’

Long-distance relationships take a lot of effort, but an I love you necklace can help bring you a little closer by showing you care about your partner.


5 - It’s a Thoughtful Gift Fit For  Every Occasion and Personality

The secret of thoughtful gift-giving is to be personal.

Consider what matters to the person and use that understand to buy a unique gift. In the case of an I love you necklace, what matters is how you feel about them.

You can show them you care on their birthday, on your anniversary, or on any other occasion like:

  • Your engagement
  • Your wedding day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas day
  • The birth of a child
  • On a random day just because

This necklace suits every personality type.

Regardless of your loved one’s height, body type, or face shape, you can find an I love you necklace that will make them feel and look gorgeous.

Everyone needs to hear those words at least once in their life, and with this necklace, your loved one can carry the words with them wherever they go.

No matter the place, day, or style of your beloved, an I love you necklace will always be special.

6 - It’s Heirloom-Worthy

I have heard that whoever loves is in no condition old quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you heard of engagement rings being passed down from mother to daughter, or from father to son?

What makes a piece of jewelry into an heirloom is…

The Meaning Behind the Jewelry

Anyone who owns an heirloom might have a sentimental story to go with it, like, ‘it was my mother’s gift when she had me.’

All the best heirlooms represent a special event that happened in history, and an I love you necklace is meaningful enough to be added to the list.

The Value It Holds

Any generic I love you necklace won’t do as an heirloom. What you need is a piece with precious metals like gold.

It’s Beauty and Design

Heirlooms are beautiful, timeless pieces of jewelry.

When choosing an I love you necklace, shop for a unique design that will look stunning years later.

The blue sapphire engagement ring gifted to Princess Diana by Prince Charles is the same one that Kate Middleton, their son’s wife, wears.

That’s one of the best things about precious jewelry; it can last many lifetimes.

The simple gift of an I love you necklace can create a family heirloom that tells the story of your love to your children, and their children’s children.

But don’t buy it just for the purpose of passing it down.

Heirlooms are rarely created to be heirlooms. They become heirlooms because of their meaning, value, and beauty.

An I love you necklace transcends time and space and will show you care long after your loved one stops wearing it.

Show You Care With a Long-Lasting Gift

An I love you necklace is worth a thousand spoken words. It carries a lot of meaning, and is a permanent way of showing how much you care for your beloved.

Shop at NanoStyle for a state-of-the-art necklace that will never go out of style.

You need a piece that fits your loved one's preference and fashion sense, and our I love you necklaces give you just that.

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