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Cancer Necklace Zodiac Pendant 24k Gold Inscribed on Onyx Stone

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  • An elegant onyx pendant inscribed with remarkable detail of the image of Cancer, the crab, in 24k gold and set in your choice of oval metal frame.

    Creative, outing and perceptive, Cancerians are exceptional in everything they do, so celebrate your month of birth or give that special someone the perfect gift of a zodiac necklace to accent their unique elements.

    • Star sign birthday falls 22nd June to 22nd July
    • 925 silver and 14k white gold versions arrive with an 18 inch 925 sterling silver chain 
    • Gold plated silver and 14k yellow gold versions arrive with an 18 inch gold plated silver chain 
    • Mini magnifying glass
    • Jewelry gift box                                                                                                     
    A truly unique birthday gift idea to present anyone who loves astrology and follows their horoscope. This incredible zodiac necklace is intricately detailed with the full zodiac wheel, Cancer symbol and constellation in the celestial sphere, completed by personality characteristics. Whether given as a birthday gift or just because, any woman, your wife, girlfriend, daughter or best friend will be awed by your imaginative gesture.

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    • "Never seen before" innovative designs, transformed into everyday jewelry

      • The ingenuity. A place where science and technology meet design and inspiration, a curiosity turned into innovation after more than five years of trial and error resulting in miniature inscriptions in 24k gold imprinted on to semi-precious stones and crystals
      • The technology. Miniature inscriptions in 24k gold defined in high resolution. A technological revolution adapted to fine jewelry
      • The concept. The design stage is just the beginning of the journey, ideas and dreams are fashioned into imprinted minuscule designs and then rendered onto our high-tech machinery which carefully inscribes the 24k gold onto the small stones

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    eugene dank

    Cancer Necklace Zodiac Pendant 24k Gold Inscribed on Onyx Stone

    Quality product

    Very nice product, great shipping time

    Michael Man
    Jewelry arrived promptly and was very well made and nicely packaged. I gave 2 as gifts and both ...

    Jewelry arrived promptly and was very well made and nicely packaged. I gave 2 as gifts and both people loved them!

    Mostly happy, some reservations

    The microscopic lettering is a neat idea, I really appreciate the technology of doing that, but the magnifying glass that comes with the pendant isn't strong enough to actually read the words. I have a 15x jeweler's loupe which worked much better. The bail is very small and I couldn't get the chain off without difficulty as it has endcaps; I never wear 18' chains and wanted to put my own 16' snake chain on instead. I managed it, but it was a struggle. I also had to tighten the prongs at the back of the pendant as the onyx was loose. The pendant doesn't flip when I wear it, so the back doesn't show, but it does look a little cheap on the back. I am very pleased with the size of the pendant. I didn't want anything tiny or too bold and this is perfect. I bought the silver framed version. I thought that the gold lettering/pictures on the front would work with a gold chain, but I didn't love that look. A silver chain looks better. Overall, I really like the pendant but I did have to fiddle with it to get it how I wanted it.

    Charm and necklace well made, but writing is barely legible even w/ magnifying glass

    I bought this as a 35th birthday gift for my sister who's into horoscopes and astrology. I liked that it looks more adult than a lot of the other horoscope based charms and all the information it contains. My biggest issue is that the writing is so tiny that even with the included magnifying glass none of us could clearly read the words describing cancer's characteristics that border the charm. The words look like gold dashes without the magnifying glass, and with it, certain words I could guess like 'shy' only because I could make out there were 3 letters in the word. Luckily she's a crab sign, but I would be afraid if it was a more complex sign, you wouldn't be able to make it out because it's printed small. The star chart on the bottom is barely visible. They should include a microscope to read this thing. On the plus side, it's very well made. I sprung for the 14k version and both the charm and necklace were stamped 14k and made in Italy. They don't show the back of the charm in the photos, but it's basically a gold frame, so you see the stone in the back with the little triangles of gold holding it in place. She commented that she loved the necklace because it's a thicker chain so she doesn't have to worry about it breaking and can use it with other jewelry. Although I'm disappointed that the charm isn't a little bigger so that you could read it clearer, my sister was very happy with it.